Land Acknowledgement

Whose land am I on?

Or message your Canadian or US zip code or [city, state], or city, state & country for Australia and NZ to the

Facebook Messenger bot

and we'll send you the Native land you're living, working, or recreating on.

Data from the amazing, Native Land, a Canadian not-for profit. Please consider joining their Patreon community to help fund their research and projects.

Land Acknowledgement Bot is an SMS and Facebook Messenger bot leveraging data from Canadian not-for-profit, Native Land, who ask that people use the data carefully because confirmation by nations is pending and they are updating data weekly. Short Land Acknowledgement explanation from Molly of Denali including footage of kids at the Anchorage Museum

Here is a resource on Land Acknowledgement

We wanted to pay tribute to Andrew Hyder from Code for America, who helped take Code for Anchorage to the next level, and set up our first SMS text service which has led to many more Anchorage texting projects. Andrew passed away last week way to early and you can learn more about his family and work here: Thanks Andrew - #FeedThePeople

The application is a collaboration between Code for Anchorage and the Anchorage i-team, a Municipality of Anchorage Bloomberg Philanthropy Innovation Team.

This is an open source project.